Daniel Hahn

There we are

So now, seems that I only write in here when moving house or on such occasions. Which at least means that there is an update every now and then, and another occasion has arrived.

In the last few weeks Ingrid and I have been busy moving into our new home in the district of Mitte (which is, litterally, in the middle of Berlin). We're still quite amazed with the place, just a few minutes walk from the busy Alexander square, in a quiet zone just off the busiest streets and close to work for everyone.

In a nutshell, we're open for business; all the essential furniture in place, all the contracts signed and we're hoping that things will calm down for Christmas.

And now you know how to find us, too.

Stay tuned for the next update (whenever that might be). Personally, I'm also going through the backlog of unanswered mail ;)

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