Daniel Hahn

This is a hub to finding my stuff. While my presence is all over the net, I still keep my own page as a starting point.

Where to find things

As most of the time I don't have time to write longer texts, the "blog" portion of this page will rarely be updated; and if it is the content will be mirrored on Medium as well.

Professional Stuff

Written Stuff

  • Short musings will be on Twitter, Google Plus and such will receive a copy.
  • Longer texts will still be published here, and be available on Medium as well.
  • You will still find all my old writings here, minus the crossposts from Twitter.


Jul 22, 2011

Be sure where your methods are chained to...

I've just figured out a quite obscure bug in our app. It all started like this: record.freeze.things # record is an ActiveRecord, and "things" is an association on that record....

Mar 18, 2011

Quick update for the Rails Course 2011 students

As you may imagine, the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami has created a bit of work here at betterplace.org, too. That means that I didn't get to post to the links...

Jan 21, 2011

Factory Girls secret savings

We like to use FactoryGirl for our test setup. Unlike Rails' fixtures, it will give you an individual setup for each tests, and thus preventing that tests have side effects...

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